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FIAS, BASIS registered, and John Carney is a member of the BASIS Professional Register.

Covering The Fens and Marshes of North Cambs, South Lincs and West Norfolk.

Carney Agricultural Services offers a full agronomy service to farmers and growers including the supply of agrochemicals and fertilisers.

Other services available:-

  • Assistance to clients with all RPA matters such as the completion of the annual BSP claims, mapping and land and entitlement transfers.
  • Grass seed for paddocks, hay and haylage.


Updated 20/11/2017

Black grass.

The advice this year is still the same:- sort out the drainage, drill late as you dare and apply herbicides before the black grass emerges. Most farmers in this area have heeded this,in fact some were so late I wondered if they had decided not to crop at all. The soil is still dry, so seed beds will drain well even if they are a little cloddy. Watch out for slugs.

On the back of last year's good black grass control, and the need for less pesticides, even  more people are opting for spring cereals which are giving consistent results with b.g. suppression, although the re-emergence of ergot in the harvest is very much something to watch out for. The only control is soil inversion I'm afraid.

If you are leaving land bare over winter prior to a spring drilling, make sure you kill as many bg flushes as the weather allows.



 When planning next year's arable cropping if you use the services of an agent, make sure they are informed of your intentions from the beginning, to ensure that you keep within the crop diversification and EFA rules.

The major change for this year is that pea and bean crops cannot be included as part of the EFA for Greening if they have any pesticides applied. i.e. all of them. Ditchand dyke buffers are our prfered option, with the added bonus that they are permenent once in place. Also you must have the margins anyway to conform with Cross Compliance rules. Field buffers have also been added, but we are a bit cautious as buffers on road sides can be under the control  of the local council.